Prescribe well

Custom physical activity

Prescribe through your clinic the physical exercise that each patient needs, providing them with a personalized service and professional follow-up.

Starting point.
We perform an evaluation on each patient to know the initial level of health and activity. In addition, we take into account the treatment to which they are subjected.
Health goal.
The medical staff adds the health goal in the directory, and we contact the patient to start the service.
Action plan.
Each patient receives a custom action plan to achieve an improvement in their habits, health goals and quality of life.
Product screenshot
Step 1

Service demo

Book a meeting to present you the web service and app, showing how we personalize sessions to address metabolic health problems.

Step 2


Account creation and training on the use of Preventya to prescribe workouts adapted to patients.

Step 3

Contract signing

Signing of the personal data co-responsibility contract, as we register the patients through email.

Step 4

All set!

Everything is ready to start prescribing personalized physical activity quickly and efficiently.

The market has been asking for it for a long time

Solutions are needed that attack the root of the problem. We work to give a long-term response, influencing the daily habits of patients.


Of healthcare spending

Can be saved in Spain with solutions like Preventya

12 million €

The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Spain exceeds 30% of the adult population.

It predominates in males up to the age of 55 and in women from the age of 65.


Sessions this year

We are increasingly able to positively impact a larger number of patients.

Close Support

We are here to help

You can contact us at any time to help you with what you need. If you require more information, book a demo with us and we will jointly analyze how to add value to your center.