I am convinced that Preventya Salud is the ideal partner to promote an improvement in quality of life in a personalized way, addressing the different health needs of patients.

Miriam Hebrero, CEO at Preventya Salud

Our history

About Preventya Salud

At Preventya Salud, we take pride in being a cutting-edge technological solution focused on addressing metabolic health problems in an accessible and personalized way. We work closely with physical exercise professionals and sports doctors, being prescribed by them to their patients as an integral tool to prevent metabolic disorders through physical exercise.

Our mission is clear: to transform lives by generating personalized training habits that make a difference in the quality of life of those facing metabolic disorders, such as overweight and type II diabetes. Focusing on personalized prevention, we use precise information to adapt workouts to the individual needs of each patient.

Join us on this journey towards a healthier and fuller life.

Why Preventya?

Focused on health

We differentiate ourselves from any fitness application in use. Our main focus is disease prevention. All training content is co-developed by specialized trainers and sports doctors, to adjust to the needs and objectives of each person.

Experts in software

All the tools we produce are digital, with the development team having years of know-how in the ehealth environment. We focus on the user experience to offer unique experiences.

Previous experience

To our knowledge are added the previous experiences of projects in the field of health through physical activity and technology. You will benefit from all the knowledge we have been acquiring by undertaking in the sector.

Founding team

  • Miriam Hebrero González-Calero

    Co-Founder / CEO

    Graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, with previous work experience in the Sports Physiology Laboratory of INEF in Madrid and in the Spanish Olympic Committee. Co-founder of TraviTool.

  • Eduard Monfort Bonjoch

    Co-Founder / CTO

    Software Engineer with extensive experience in the health sector. Passionate about technology, data science and blockchain.